Who is Beanvoy

Beanvoy was one of the most popular coffee shops in Southlake Texas. It brought most delicious coffee and beautiful environment to the community. The shop was closed due to lease complications, but our elaborately crafted coffee bean will be alive. We are 100% local business, we service all our customers as family, and we value the taste of every piece of coffee bean. We really hope Beanvoy can bring a ray of sunshine to your life.

  • The Best Coffee Water Ratio

    Regular — 1:15 (66 g / 1 liter): If you’re brewing regular coffee for ordinary people, then use a 1:15 ratio. This ratio can stand up to milk and will usually not disappoint, whether black or white.

    French Press Ratio — 1:14 (71 g / 1 liter): Are you brewing immersion/infusion coffee such as French press, Aeropress or cowboy coffee? Then go for something even stronger like 1:14.

    Drip coffee ratio — 1:15 (66 g / 1 liter): If you’re just getting into pour over coffee at home, and you only have an entry level-grinder We’d suggest a medium grind setting and a 1:15 ratio.

    For advanced home-baristas — 1:16,6 (60 g / 1 liter): Do you have a high-end grinder and coffee beans from a specialty coffee roaster? Then I suggest experimenting with a more wide ratio, such as 1:16 or 1:17. 

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